#60. Online Therapy on Monday

I described the actual physicality of my first experience of Skyping, and now for the meat of what we said in the session. This part, the 'getting to the bones of it' - was just like a normal session, though a couple of times I found myself feeling a bit tongue tied and perhaps not … Continue reading #60. Online Therapy on Monday


Yesterday I spoke of my nursing career with Guy (more about that in another post) and today received a card from an old patient I have never forgotten. Today I also got a text from an old nursing buddy I haven't seen for years and who I used to pair up with for uni assignments. … Continue reading Synchrony


Please forgive any posts I might make at the moment. With a worldwide lockdown for the worst - and for some of us, the only - pandemic we have ever encountered in our lifetime that brings with it such far-reaching consequences, anything I might say here seems to pale into insignificance. But life goes on … Continue reading Ironic


Things have really begun to change in a big way. There's something so powerful about really examining the narratives with Guy, both old and new, and recently reading about scapegoating helped turn things around in a big way too. Last weekend, husband got three splinters in his hand and called from me on the garden … Continue reading Changes