I wrote this before employing ice maiden last week. I'm not sure ice maiden goes too much on vulnerability, but I decided to post it anyway because it's still relevant in the big picture. Being slightly resistant to it makes it no less true. Someone on WordPress referred to Brené Brown in their comments (but … Continue reading Vulnerability

Follow on from ‘the talk’.

I wrote how last week husband approached me to talk about the awful session we had, and that I didn't want to talk unless we were in session because I didn't want to do all that again and much worse because we were alone this time. He's now back to completely normal, as though nothing … Continue reading Follow on from ‘the talk’.


I met with my brother this week, and we talked a little about our childhood history. I was surprised to learn some of his troubles as a child; how could I grow up with him unaware that he was beaten up at school every single day? He also felt the sting of neglect for having … Continue reading Risky