Day 2

In the night I woke and wrote a blog entry and did my first 'tapping-in' session with myself. I didn't really feel the need, as, although my mind was working overtime (prompting me to write my post, as I did), I didn't feel like I had travelled from the upstairs part of the house Guy … Continue reading Day 2

Insomnia and yesterday’s session

I was woken at 3am by my son needing the toilet and couldn't go back to sleep, so mulled over yesterday's session, trying to make sense of it all. I'd read a little bit on AF-EMDR (attachment focused EMDR) from the Lauren Parnell website before going to bed, and can see this tapping we did … Continue reading Insomnia and yesterday’s session

Day 1

I have decided to do an experiment on myself. I'm going to log how it goes with Guy's intervention plan, which started today and is intended to help me find strategies to get through the seemingly endlessly long time between each (weekly) session better. There was a very different session not that long ago where … Continue reading Day 1


To cut a long story short, my husband and I started marriage counselling with Guy the psychotherapist. This suddenly and unexpectedly opened up a Pandora’s box over my past complex childhood traumas, so I asked to see the therapist separately too. We did this with my husbands full knowledge and agreement, on the understanding that … Continue reading Why?