I had such mixed feelings about today. But true to form, Guy managed to tease me out of myself and work with me gently, to my benefit. I woke with such a cracker of a headache this morning that I could hardly concentrate. Guy noted I seemed a bit more distant than normal, which I … Continue reading Weary


It’s all about the children (Part 2)

I was tempted to go back and add an addendum to the last post but feel once people have read it, it's not fair to add a huge bulk at the end. It's one thing tweaking the odd typo it quite another to double its length. So I've added a part 2 instead. Part 1, … Continue reading It’s all about the children (Part 2)


To cut a long story short, my husband and I started marriage counselling with Guy the psychotherapist. This suddenly and unexpectedly opened up a Pandora’s box over my past complex childhood traumas, so I asked to see the therapist separately too. We did this with my husbands full knowledge and agreement, on the understanding that … Continue reading Why?