🔶Big question

I announced to T, "Okay, T, I've got a really difficult question for you! And, so you might go into your typical T mode..." "Go on?" "That you just explained about where you just side-step it.." "Oh yeah." "Or you might go into therapist mode where you feel like you can't anyway.." "Why are you asking … Continue reading 🔶Big question

🔶# 112: Therapy experiences

I wasn't sure what to expect today. I saw T yesterday and he talked about us sitting down and talking about the rupture from yesterday, and specifically the part that fled. But there was also a chance we might walk too, the plan was to see how nice the weather was and how we felt … Continue reading 🔶# 112: Therapy experiences

EMDR preparation: a crossroad decision

I had a little scout around to answer my question about EMDR. This website was pretty good https://brickelandassociates.com/emdr-treats-trauma/ The take home message for me is threefold: Complex trauma background will take longer to treat with EMDR than someone who has learned to stabilise because they have no complex trauma. Relying on alternative ways to numb … Continue reading EMDR preparation: a crossroad decision